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We believe breathing should not be paid in such high cost in Hong Kong, We are working to provide the quality CPAP in lower cost, just want more people can enjoy the quality of sleep.
We Deliver, Your Sleep!


們除了售賣睡眠呼吸機及其配件,還提供在家睡眠測試,血氧測試,提供專科醫生報告,如有需要更會轉介至專科醫生作詳細診斷。 所有客戶購買呼吸機後除了可享2年原廠保養,呼吸機維修期間會免費提供暫用機代用,免費專人跟進用機睡眠報告,免費上門檢查及指導等。

We are not only selling CPAP machines and accessories but also provide sleep study, oximeter test, sleep study report etc. If necessary, we can refer our clients to the specialist for professional consultant and treatment. We understand buying a CPAP machine is more than just choosing a product. We provide a comprehensive range of after-sales services to make you purchase 100% satisfactory.
We offer:

  • 2-year free warranty upon purchase of any CPAP machines.
  • temporary substitute CPAP machine during repair period free-of-charge.
  • temporary substitute CPAP machine during repair period free-of-charge.
  • sleep report free-of-charge.
  • door-to-door inspection services free-of-charge.
  • 24-hour technical support hotline.
  • 了降低成本,我們不設門市,安在家中,只需一個電話,便有專人送呼吸機或配件到府上或指定地點,即場詳細講解使用,清潔及保養,只有滿意貨品及服務後才需繳付貨品款項,如有任何懷疑或不滿地方可即時取消交易而不需付任何費用。 我們想盡辦法去降低成本,務求以最低價格去銷售,同時亦承諾保持優質的服務。我們關顧每一位需要幫助的客戶,設立24小時查詢及銷售熱線,無論任何時候都會得到專業的解答。

    Lower the cost by Online Sales. In order to provide a better price to customer, we stopped the shop and sell by online now. Customer only need to call and tell us what you want, then we will arrange the CPAP and accessories to your home or any appointed location in Hong Kong. We will how you how to use the CPAP machine, and how to clean the mask and tube in details. Customer only need to pay if you satisfy the product and our service, and of course customer can stop the deal if there is anything wrong during delivery. We are working hard to lower the cost, we will provide the professional service to every customer. We have the 24-hour hotline for sales and technical support, customer can call us to find out the answer anytime. Just stay in home, we will do the else for you.


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