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Philips DreamStation 2 AutoCPAP Advanced with Humidifier
飛利浦 DreamStation 2 全自動氣壓調節睡眠呼吸機

Realeased in April 2021! Philips DreamStation 2 AutoCPAP Advanced - The New Evolution!

DreamStation 2 AutoCPAP Advanced get you started the therapy quickly and efficiently.
New ramp plus feature allows you to set a comfortable starting pressure while you fall asllep, it's great for those who are uncomfortable falling asleep to higher pressures.
The Built-In Humidifier component making it 29% smaller and 2.5% ligher than DreamStation.
Everything become better now, DreamStation 2 AutoCPAP is ready for you!

飛利浦最新推出DreamStation 2 Advanced 全自動睡眠呼吸機, 新的設計帶來新的功能,比上一代DreamStation 體積小了29%,輕了2.5%. 一體化加濕氣加上全新控制模式使你用機更方便。Ramp Plus 功能可隨意控制開始氣壓,令你更容易適應用機療情。
延續上一代的功能,加上新一代的技術,造成現在的精益求精 - DreamStation 2 AutoCPAP Advanced!


Package included 套裝包括:
DreamStation 2 AutoCPAP Advanced 主機; Heated Humidifier 加熱加濕器; 6ft Tube 6尺長幼氣喉; CarryBag 手提袋; Power Supply 國際火牛.

2-Year Initial Warranty 2年原廠保養


Technical Data

Producer 生產商 Philips 飛利浦
Origin 產地 U.S.A. 美國
Model 型號 DSX520
Modes 機型 CPAP + AutoCPAP 全自動氣壓調節
Pressure Range 操作氣壓範圍 4-20cmH2O
Dimensions w Hum 尺寸 連加濕器 27.4 x 15.8 x 8.5cm
Weight w Hum 重量 連加濕器 1.04KG
Pressure Relief 呼氣減壓 A-Flex (0-3cmH2O)
Bluetooth 藍牙 Yes
Smartphone App DreamMapper
Electricial Requirement 電壓 90W, 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Warranty 保養 2-YearManufactureer Warranty 2 年原廠保養


DreamStation 2 AutoCPAP Advanced
DreamStation 2 AutoCPAP Advanced

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