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ResMed AirMini Auto Travel CPAP
瑞思邁 AirMini Auto 全自動氣壓調節旅行呼吸機

You do not often get everything that you want when ordering a travel CPAP machine, however when you order the ResMed AirMini Auto Travel CPAP you will! At about the size of your smartphone, the AirMini is groundbreaking in its design. Sporting 3 operative modes and an amazing alternative to lugging around your bulky humidifier, the AirMini is just as comfortable as your home CPAP machine. It feels like lifting nothing and can easily fit in your travel bag. The Airmini even connects to your Smartphone to make adjustments and data reading a breeze!

瑞思邁AirMini是一部只有手提電話般大,但擁有如家用機的功能及舒適度的睡眠呼吸機, 獨有的加濕器設計令你不再需要連接笨重外置加濕器,以後外出只需把輕小的呼吸機放進背包. 透過智能電話連接上AirMini就可自行輕易調節氣壓或查看過往用機數據。

Key Features:
Weightless 重量:
At 10.6 oz (~300g) it feels like carrying nothing.
重量只有300g, 非常輕巧便攜。
Compack 體積:
Just 5.4" in length and 3" wide.
體積小巧,長5.4寸 (13.7cm), 寬3寸(7.6cm) .
App connect 藍牙連接手機:
"AirMini" is avaiable to download in Apple & Android devices; View the data and adjust the pressure effortlessly.
透過Apple 及 Android 下載 MyAir,手機連接呼吸機後可輕鬆查看數及操作。

HKD 11800

Package included 套裝包括:
AirMini Auto 主機; 6ft Tube 6尺長幼氣喉; Power Supply 國際火牛. Fabric Pouch 布袋.

1-Year Initial Warranty 1年原廠保養

P.S. Airmini is only compatiable for ResMed Airfit P10 pillow mask, N20 nasal mask and F20 fullface mask.


Technical Data

Producer 生產商 ResMed 瑞思邁
Origin 產地 Australia
Model 型號 38113
Modes 機型 CPAP + AutoCPAP 全自動氣壓調節
Pressure Range 操作氣壓範圍 4-20cmH2O
Dimensions 尺寸 主機 13.7 x 8.4 x 5.3cm
Weight 重量 主機 0.3KG
Pressure Relief 呼氣減壓 EPR Relief (0-3cmH2O)
Bluetooth 藍牙 Yes
Smartphone App AirMini
Data Card 儲存卡 ON-Board 內置
Electricial Requirement 電壓 90W, 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Warranty 保養 1-YearManufactureer Warranty 1 年原廠保養
Airmini Travel Case
Airmini Travel Case
Airmini Travel Bag
Airmini Travel Bag


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