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我們並非如其他公司般只售賣睡眠呼吸機! 作為一所全面而專業的睡眠呼吸用品公司, 我們有專業團隊去跟進每一個客戶的呼和吸, 更提供在家睡眠測試, 血氧測試, 醫生報告等. 歡迎查詢所有關於你的睡眠問題.
WE ARE NOT ONLY SELLING THE CPAP! we provided the full services about your sleep such as the CPAP machine, Sleep Study, Oximeter test and doctor's report. We work hard to solve the problems about sleep, welcome to ask.

Reach our 24-hour Sales and Service Hotline!

直接購買 / 先租後買 / 購物保障 - 10天無條件退款, 請與我們聯絡了解。

CPAP HOME 睡寶康睡眠呼吸機 / facebook:
香港:(852) 3689 7867 / Whatsapp: (852) 9517 6279 / 中國:(86) 13143807327 / wechat微信:CPAPHOME
Room 35, 24/F, Block D, Mai Luen Industrial Bldg., 23-31 Kung Yip St., Kwai Chung, H.K.
**不設門市, 所有呼吸機專人免費送貨上門.**
**最快2小時內專人免費送到, 安在家中即可試機.**

購物流程 / Shopping Procedure:

  1. 如欲購買或查詢有關產品及服務,請直接致電我們睡寶康睡眠呼吸機24小時銷售熱線了解詳情。
    Just give us a call to know more if interested in our products and services.
  2. 即時和銷售人員預約,有專人放機到府上,最快可即日送貨,晚上送貨亦沒問題,假日照常送貨。
    Make the appointment on the phone, we will deliver the products to your home or appointed address, we can arramge the delivery by the same day, we're no problem to deliver the goods anytime even at night.
  3. 專人送機到府上後,會詳細講解使用,清潔及保養等,講解完後,使用者必須自己操作一次,我們會確認用者在使用上完全沒問題後才會離開。
    Our staff will carry the goods to your home or appointed address, show you how to use and clean in detail. We only will leave if you fully understand the instruction.
  4. 當所有貨品檢查過後如滿意服務才需考慮購買會否,如購買,請準備現金或支票交付,如試後不滿意可隨時取消交易而不需繳付任何費用。
    You only need to pay by cash or cheque once you checked and sastified the products, if you don't feel confortalbe to buy, you can cancel the deal without any charge.
  5. 付款購買後會即時提供單據。
    You will get the official receipt once purchased the products.

我們的服務 / Our Services:

  • 所有呼吸機有2年原廠保養,在保養期內如需維修,我們會負上所有責任包括人工及零件(除非人為損毀),而且在維修期間,我們會提供一樣或類似的呼吸機型號供免費使用,直到維修完成。
    We fully take the responsibility for any maintenance during the warranty preiod. Also, we will provide the same or similar CPAP machine to use during the maintenance priod in free of charge.
  • 每當選購我們的呼吸機,我們會免費提供用機睡眠報告,不限次數。
    We will provide the sleeping report in free of charge after purchasing our CPAP machine.
  • 我們設有24小時銷售及技術支援熱線,去解決客戶所有問題。
    24 hours sales and technical support hotliine, you are no worry for everything.



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