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How to Clean Your CPAP Mask

With a little care and maintenance, you can keep your CPAP machine clean and functional for years.
Every morning, you should hand wash the mask with a mild soap. Give the mask, headgear, and tubing a weekly bath. Hang the tube to allow all water inside of it to drip and dry. If your CPAP has a humidifier, empty and wash its chamber daily, and sanitize it every two weeks.


Cleanning Your CPAP Mask Daily 每天清潔你的呼吸機鼻罩
Use the CPAP mask wipes to wipe it down then let it air dry for a minute or two DAILY.
Wash Your Equipment Weekly 每星期清洗呼吸機配件
  1. Give the mask, tubing, and headgear a weekly bath.
    Disassemble the mask, frame, fabric backstrap, and tubing. Fill a clean sink or wash basin with warm water and a few drops of mild soap. Submerge your equipment in the sink or basin, gently swish them around with your hand, and let them soak for five minutes.

  2. Remove the soapy water, then use the tap water to wash them.
  3. You can just air dry your mask and headgear on a towel, but you must hang your tubing to dry it. Shake off excess water and manually dry the exterior with a towel.
  4. Reassemble your machine when they are dry.
Change the Disposable Filter and Wash the Non-Disposable Filter 更換及清洗隔塵棉
Many CPAP machines come with two filters: a non-disposable (white or black foram filter) and a white fine replacement filter.
Wash the white/black non-disposable fitler by water and mild soap, squeeze excess water out of it, blot it with a dry towel, then let it air dry. Do that weekly.
Don't wash the white fine filter, replace it monthly or when it appears discolored.
Replace the wihte/black foam filter at least yearly.



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